There are no formulae or fool proof plans in music”, says Sherieta.  After almost six years in the business, she is still “figuring things out”.  Working out melodies and chords, writing the right lyrics, gauging an audience’s mood are only a few of the many things that have to be considered as a singer/songwriter/musician.  And if that’s not enough, the constant changes in trends, music consumer preferences and other external factors may cause one to have to throw out the best thought out and researched plans for achieving stardom.  Sherieta suggests that there is only one way to deal with these issues: don’t follow the crowd, and don’t watch what others are doing.  “I encounter things that inspire me in different ways every second of everyday; therefore I won’t motivated by what doesn’t move me.  Some things take longer to catch on to, I admit, but I’m content knowing that I’m fulfilling my purpose and living my own destiny.  To do otherwise is like wearing shoes smaller than my feet- and this young girl wears her size”, she says with a laugh, alluding to the popular song done by former dancehall, now gospel artiste Lt. Stitchie.

Sherieta’s own writing, singing and performing styles are indicative of this approach.  Many relay their messages on a specific platform, religious, social or otherwise, but Sherieta simply sings what she sees and/or feels.  Whether the topic is love and relationships or social commentary, she effortlessly expresses what she genuinely feels and nothing more or less.  From the looks of things, she seems to be getting it right, as you can easily connect with and believe every word and note she emits.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.  To hear if we are indeed right about her, click the play button in the media player widget to hear a few of Sherieta’s songs. 

  • Lies
  • In the Name of Love
  • Reggae Is Life
  • Come Find Me
  • Best Friend
  • How It So Easy
  • Putting Up Resistance
  • Something’s Missing
  • Love Has Found its Way


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