This month we interviewed Sherieta on possibly the most obvious topic- Why music?

·        Why music?

Sherieta: Well, I was born to do music; not just to sing or write.  I can’t remember (and doubt there was) any period in my life that music didn’t exist.  I do it effortlessly and it’s my most genuine form of expression.  With all those factors, I don’t think I could have chosen anything else.

·        What are some of your first musical memories?

Sherieta: I can remember as far back as basic school, between ages 3 and 5, singing solos and duets with my older sister Kerri-Ann and doing music classes at Jamaica School of Music (now the Edna Manley College). I also remember one Christmas, when I was around 6 years old, my uncle bought me and my sister a Yamaha keyboard.  ‘Heart and Soul’ was the first song we played.

·        We’ve heard that you have some hidden talents; could you share a few?

Sherieta: (Laughs).  That’s an interesting way to put it.  I’m pretty good with computers, so I’ve done a tiny bit of work as a recording engineer.  Sometimes I mess around and make drum beats for song demos I do at home, which I also record on my laptop.  I also play a number of instruments recreationally- keyboards, drums, I 'understand how' to play guitars, but I can only actually play the G Major Scale.  I guess I’m a producer/engineer in the making.

·        If not music, what would you be doing?

I’d be cooking; it’s the one other thing I love, though not as much music.  Maybe one day I can successfully merge the two.


machowan said...

Your locks was one of two thing I really loved about you.

Joanes Xavier said...

When I hear you singing you know how I feel... I'm feeling good :D

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